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Nondisclosure & Confidentiality Agreement
Regarding: Broadcasting Station(s) information being presented by Bergman Broadcasting Company, Inc. dba, PH: 575-356-2000, FAX: 575-356-2003 ("BROKER");

Whereas, (Name) ________________________________________________________________________
State:______ Zip:___________ (O) _____________________________ FAX: ________________________
HOME ___________________________________Cellular:_______________________________________
E-mail: ___________________________________________ ("prospective Buyer"), or assign,
agree to keep confidential any and all information ("Information") that is given, or disclosed to me by Broker,
whether written or oral, concerning the broadcasting property(ies), ("property"). The terms of this agreement
apply to any and all information given to me before, on, or after the date of this agreement. I agree to work
exclusively through Broker with respect to the property(ies), acknowledge Broker as sole broker in any offer I make for the purchase of the property, and I recognize that BROKER’S services and fee would be protected in any purchase agreement. I further agree not to contact anyone at the station(s) level, without written permission from Broker.

I also agree that I will neither use nor permit the use of this information for any purpose other than the
evaluation of the Property, and that I will not divulge the call letters, city of license, market location, or any other identifying characteristics of the Property to any person(s) other than officers of my company, partners, and investors, or my attorneys and accountants. I will require all such persons to hold this information in the same confidence as I have agreed upon in this agreement, and acknowledge that I will be held responsible should they fail to do so. Furthermore, I will require such officers and attorneys to sign an agreement similar to this if deemed necessary by Broker. I agree to return all written information to Broker either upon request by Broker, or if I determine not to go forward with the contemplated transaction.

This letter of agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New Mexico with venue in Roosevelt County, with any damages being equal to rewards.

Acknowledged and agreed to this date of: ______________________________,

______________________________  __________________________________
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I prefer: (AM) ______ (FM ) ____TV____ LPTV____ or Groups:_____ CPs____ FM ____ AM ____ TV_____

Station(s) owner?: YES_____ NO ____ or Manager.

My acquisition capability is: $_____________ Cash, with funding from______________ Bank, or Terms:___

Cash Flow Multiple: _______

Looking for stations in:  Top 50 markets:___ 50-100 Markets___ 100+ markets ____

I prefer Ethnic: Black ____ Hispanic ____ Asian___ Other___

Region of country: All markets______, NE ______, SE ______, West ______, M-West _____

Other: Specific markets, or cities of interest ___________________________________________________
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